Casa Cavia: exquisite creative mix in Buenos Aires.

Casa Cavia is a new proposal in Buenos Aires that adds restaurant, publishing house, bookstore, florist and perfumery. Located in a mansion […]

- Diariodesign
April 16, 2015

Casa Cavia

Buenos Aires has always been a destination I would love to visit. Its architecture and beauty are unsurpassable, now this hybrid concept […]

- Studio Arrc
March 4, 2015

Casa Cavia

The recently opened Casa Cavia in the Palermo Chico neighborhood of Buenos Aires is an enchanting fusion of sights, sounds, […]

- The Cool Hunter
February 24, 2015

Casa Cavia

Though it's housed in an historic Buenos Aires building dating back to 1927, Casa Cavia's offering is pure 21st century. […]

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Guadalupe Garcia Mosqueda

Guadalupe is the creative director and founder of Mezcla Gastronomía, a company that carries out creative gastronomy projects together with multidisciplinary teams of designers, artists, architects and chefs to create spaces that transcend traditional gastronomy and integrate design and cuisine as a means of communication. and creativity to convey a story.

July 7, 2021

The omnivore's dilemma at Casa Cavia

If memory serves us well, this is the first time that a restaurant has offered two different menus: the first includes dishes whose ingredients include animal proteins. In the other, plant-based preparations in some cases for vegans and in others only for vegetarians. This presents omnivores with the title dilemma (taken from Michael Pollan's libretto). The answer can be read at the end of the note. […]

- Pot Bottom
February 19, 2021

Ten things you should know about Julieta Caruso. The chef who revolutionizes Argentine cuisine.

Who is one of the main references of avant-garde Argentine cuisine? Julieta Caruso, chef at Casa Cavia. Here, the ten reasons to run to test your proposal.
If you have never been to Casa Cavia and you are not sure why you should go, in these ten key points you will find plenty of reasons, not to mention that you will discover why you have to follow in Julieta Caruso's footsteps.

- Wine us
February 21, 2019

From Cortázar to Saint-Exupéry: a chef who tells stories

Trained in Europe in the fires of the laureate Mugaritz -with two Michelin stars- Argentine chef Julieta Caruso landed in the country to reformulate Casa Cavia. Literary inspiration, poetry and flavor in each of its dishes.
"If Julieta points out that something is done in one way or another, she does not do it on a whim, everything in her kitchen has a reason" [...]

- Infobae
October 20, 2017