The hosts

We hope that the hosts are each and every one of those who work and dedicate their lives to this project. That is why we want them to feel that Casa Cavia is their own, that they know how to explain its history and the variety of its spaces, that they understand it and that they defend it. Casa Cavia is not just a workplace, it is a place where each person is cared for because the value that each one can give to the small details is known. The Casa Cavia team understands that environments create life stories; We try to give them good attention and excellence in details so that each of the visitors can enjoy our house.

A team that tries that their home is yours, that their tables are yours, that their dishes are yours. Where when trying a bite, you close your eyes and you can find yourself. May your laughter mix with its flowers, may your desire be inspired by its desire. Like a huge flavor that can embrace the complexity that we are, dedicating its free, perfectionist and continually expanding spirit.

Flavia Arroyo placeholder image

Daniel Calderon

Ana Mosqueda

Mariana cake

Lupe garcia

Sabrina altamirano

Catalina Rodriguez Triana

Juliet Caruso

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Camilla Gassiebayle
William Camacho
Stephania Kallos Turin

The Collaborators

Natalie Roger