Vegetable Plot

At CASA CAVIA we have a vegetable garden from which we supply ourselves. We set it up less than an hour from our space, at the El Abierto tennis club in Saavedra. The idea was born from the need to generate traceability of quality agroecological vegetables, with a unique flavor and to be able to experiment with novel variants to enrich our dishes.

Those in charge of the project are Marcela Harris and Christian Krizaj, agronomists, who did soil analysis, planned the crops and designed the garden under the rules of the golden ratio, a mathematical relationship that occurs in different structures of nature, from the arrangement of the petals of any flower to the shell of snails. The garden aims to transform itself into a meeting and recreation space for all the members of Mezcla and this mathematical proportion makes the space friendly to the eye, an edible landscape.

The cooks and managers define the crops, in each season, to plant. It is harvested twice a week and the products arrive that same day at the restaurants where they are consumed that same night or the next day, achieving a unique freshness and quality, since a freshly harvested vegetable tastes different. In 1636, you can find salads with greens from our garden or roasted vegetables to accompany the catch of the day. Our goal is to incorporate more and more products from this space.

The project is ambitious and will take time, but these transversal projects strengthen the group by giving it a projection over time. Our goal is for Mezcla to last and for our spaces to become classics, which is why these long-term things invite us to dream of a more sustainable future.