The publisher


Ampersand, located on the top floor of Casa Cavia, is a publishing house specializing in valuable materials both for their content and for their form. Books whose publishing quality constitutes a hallmark. The direction of Ampersand is in charge of Ana Mosqueda, graduate in Letters and editor, researcher of the documentary archives of the history of publishing in Argentina. With a particular sensitivity for the different trades that converge around the book, and inspired by the European and American publishing houses of the early twentieth century, Ana proposes that Ampersand transcend its limits and extend the pleasure of printed pages to all of Casa Cavia, even — why not — to the ceiling. A room for classes, presentations and talks works in the house. A small but large library specialized in books, writing and reading occupies part of the editorial space. Thus, research, reflection and the exchange of ideas are cited at Casa Cavia to give rise to the pleasure of knowledge.